Perhaps you’ve just moved to a home that includes a backyard pool. Or maybe, you’ve decided to install a pool in your existing yard to increase property value, or simply to enjoy on lazy summer afternoons. Whatever the reason for owning a pool, then congratulations—having your own little oasis in your backyard is something everyone craves.

Paradise doesn’t always come without a few difficulties along the way though. Maintaining a pool can sometimes be a full-time job if you decide to do it all yourself. Why not save yourself some of the effort by working with a pool company that can look after it’s systems and give you advice on keeping it looking sparkling clean?

The first step in maintenance is to make sure all the equipment is working correctly. Each component does a specific job and is vital to the cleanliness of the water, and subsequently, your enjoyment. The main two parts are:
Pool Pump and filter. This device circulates water through your pool and sometimes combines with a heater. The pump is critical to the overall health of your pool, as uncirculated water can quickly become stagnant and undesirable. Your pool pump works with your filter to clean the water as it pumps it around.

Chlorinator or Sanitiser. There are various types of chlorinator or sanitisers, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but as the name suggests, the primary purpose is to add chlorine to sanitise the pool. Chlorine is the most common sanitiser used and is very effective at killing bacteria and keeping the water pure and sanitised.  Chlorine can be added in a variety of ways – through a chlorinator, a liquid chlorine dosing machine, or manually. Without a working chlorinator sanitiser or a regular pool maintenance schedule, your pool may become a breeding ground for germs and bugs—and no one wants that!

Where to go for Pool Pump Repairs or Chlorinator Repairs near Brisbane

If you’re in the Brisbane area, then why not try our services at Dynamic Pool Services? We have many years of experience with pool equipment repairs and pool equipment installation. If you need a new pool pump or a new chlorinator, then we can certainly find a model that matches your pool and can be up and running in no time.

We often get calls from people who have taken over a pool from a previous homeowner or have just had a pool installed and now needs the essential equipment to make it clean and safe. We also regularly receive calls from people who need a repair. As a mobile service, we can usually respond quickly, and without the overheads of a large store, we can do a lot more for considerably less.

Speedy and Efficient Repairs

When you call us, we know that you want a fast solution. Whether you need a pool pump repair, a heater service, or you’re looking to buy a chlorinator for your pool, once you’ve made that decision, you’ll want it done as soon as possible. At Dynamic Pool Services, it’s our mission to solve your pool problems as quickly as possible, so we’ll be there in a flash and cast our experienced eye over your pool. From there, installation and repairs are what we do—and we’re proud to say we’re good at it.

So, don’t worry—you and your pool are in safe hands when you call Dynamic Pool Services.