Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do same day servicing?

We will always endeavour to attend to your needs as soon as possible. If you are in urgent need of a pool service please give us a call.  We will do everything within our means to try to help you.

What types of equipment do you supply?

Because we are not a franchise we are able to supply and install any brand of equipment that you want.  Unless you want something specific, we will recommend the most economical and reliable equipment.  Upon request we can supply and install a range of reconditioned second hand pumps with limited warranties.

How does my swimming pool filtration work?

Swimming pool filtration works by a pump drawing water, most often through the skimmer box, and forcing it through media that will capture small particles (exactly how small depends on your equipment). The captured particles are then cleansed by either backwashing the system or cleaning the filter cartridge.

How can I tell a problem with my pump?

Pump problems will usually present as –

  • ​The pump is unable to draw water.
  • The pump is leaking around the middle seal.
  • The pump has a mineral build up around the middle of the pump.
  • The pump starts making a loud squealing ​​or grinding noise.
  • The pump just hums/makes no noise.

I seem to have very low flow through my system?

Low water flow can be caused by a variety of issues such as –

  • ​Pump lid and lid seal not attached correctly.
  • ​Pump barrel union not sealed correctly.
  • ​Dirty filter causing back pressure.
  • Cleaner/hose/skimmer obstruction.
  • ​Pool water level too low causing surges.
  • Incorrect setting of valves.
  • ​Suction line leaks.
  • ​Pump damage/blockages.

How do you clean up a green pool?

The method of cleaning a green pool varies depending on the severity of the issue.

In general we will try to both kill the algae and make it drop to the floor by adding sanitisers, algaecides and flocculant at the same time. One or more follow up visits are then required to vacuum the dead algae to waste.

If your pool is that green that it is possible to walk from one side to the other, the best option is to add flocculant first and vacuum the bulk of the algae to waste – then commence the normal treatment process.

How much time does a pool service take?

In general, most services take one hour. It mostly depends upon how much leaf debris and dirt is in the pool, and the amount of chemicals required to be added.

What hours and days are you available?

We are available Monday to Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm, Sunday we are available for emergency issues only to our regular service clients.

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