If you own a pool, then you’ll know that your pool filter is an essential piece of equipment needed for keeping the water clean and the pump safe. Leaves, debris, and bugs often find their way into the water, and without a filter, they would either stay there forever—or worse, clog up the pump and slowly destroy it. It’s a smart idea to check the filter periodically, and especially after high winds or a storm to ensure there are no unwelcome elements.

So, let’s assume you’ve done that, and you’ve discovered a problem with your pool filter. What do you do now? Well—it’s time to call a pool filter repair service. Fortunately, if you’re in the Brisbane area, there’s an excellent one just around the corner. Dynamic Pool Services is a mobile pool maintenance company that deals with everything to do with pools. We can carry out servicing of all the major components, clean the pool, sort out broken pumps, filters, and chlorinators, and can even deliver salt and chemicals for your pool. As a mobile service with no brick-and-mortar overheads, you get real value for money too.

If your pool needs a service, has something that’s not working, or just needs a clean-up before a big party, then Dynamic Pool Services are the ones to call.

How to Tell if you Need to Buy a New Pool Filter

There are different types of pool filter, but one of the common ones is a sand filter. A sand filter uses sand to sift out particles of dirt while still allowing water to pass through. If you have water leaking out of the filter, or you see sand entering the pool water, then you have a problem with the filter. The most common issues with your filter that we can fix for you are – filter sand replacement, multi port valve leaks and failure, and pool water loss through the multi port valve.

You might have a cartridge filter instead. These use replaceable fabric filters to do the same job as the sand in the previous example. If the cartridge is clogged, you may see a rise in pressure in the system. Turn off the system immediately and examine the filter. You can usually clean off the fabric and it will solve the problem. But if you still have an issue after doing this, then you need to call someone who knows all about professional pool filter repairs.

Dynamic Pool Supplies Offers a Pool Filter Service in the Brisbane Area

If you’re worried about the state of your pool filter and need advice on whether a repair or replacement is necessary, we’ll be happy to lend a hand. With over ten years in the industry, we’ve seen many different types, shapes, and sizes of filter. We can provide you with replacement cartridges or help you diagnose issues. We can also repair or replace the filters if necessary and get your pool up and running again.

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