During the Australian summer, many people rely on their pools to give them respite from the searing sun. There’s nothing better than coming home from work and slipping into the water to cool down. If something goes wrong with your heat pump during the hottest months, then it’s not a total disaster—the heat from the sun will go a long way to keeping your pool at an acceptable temperature. However, what happens in springtime and autumn, when you still want to enjoy your pool, but need a little assistance to get the temperature perfect?

The answer is to call a pool maintenance company to replace or repair that pool heater or heat pump, so you can go back to enjoying your pool the way it’s intended.

Your pool heater is supposed to do one simple thing – heat your pool to the temperature that you want. Sometimes due to the prevailing weather conditions your heater is unable to do this. Sometimes the weather conditions are perfect for the heater to be heating your pool but nothing happens.  The repair methods for each situation are quite different, but entirely solvable—and a swimming pool professional can usually identify these issues during their first visit.   If you suspect that you pool heater is not working as it is intended then contact Dynamic Pool Services.

A Reliable Service for Swimming Pool Heater Repair

So, as a Brisbane homeowner with a pool problem, you’ve already started your research by finding this page. You’re already one step closer to a solution. At Dynamic Pool Services, we’re confident of fixing all pool problems, and we aim to provide a personal service that offers 100% satisfaction. How do we do that?

Firstly, we only deal with pools and spas. Pools and spas are our business, and we have extensive knowledge of the industry. The first thing we do is to use our experience and know-how to assess and examine the problem, and we can usually tell where the fault is very quickly.

Secondly, we make sure that each time we visit your pool, we send the same technician. Therefore, that person will know your pool set-up inside and out, and there’s no need to waste time relearning your system.
Thirdly, we won’t let you down. If we tell you we’ll be there at a specific time; we will be. You can count on our reliability and professionalism.

Getting your Pool Heat Pump Repaired

After assessing the issue, we’ll quickly get to the bottom of the problem and have your pool heater back up and running. Once we identify the problem we will advise you of the most cost effective course for resolution. Of course, sometimes the problem is a little more extensive, and we may need to replace a pump completely. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you and give you a quote straight away, and then work with you to decide how to proceed.

For a pool heater repair, a pump replacement, or even just a regular service, call Dynamic Pool Services today and don’t miss out on a single day enjoying your lovely pool.

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